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Something to build, and something to be proud of

I offer the best work at an affordable price. Specializing in small businesses and start-ups. Having built a start-up company myself, I know what it takes to give your website the professional look needed to succeed in today's economy. With more than 5 years of web development experience, you can trust that you will receive a professional product at an affordable price.


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Web Development

Web Development is the creation and engineering of websites. I let my customers be as involved as they want in the development process. I fully understand and appreciate the "I don't need to know how it works, just make it work" mentality though. Unlike the big companies, when I am done with my work, you will own your content - not me!

PC Assembly

Building your own computer is always cheaper than buying one and it carries a special sentimental value. But building one from scratch can be a daunting and complex project. Let me build your dream PC for you!

Security Testing

We are in the age of internet security. Data is being stolen left and right, rumors of the NSA watching us, and networks being hacked. I offer to test the security of your network. I can use the latest tools to attempt to break in to your network both on-site and remotely. If I get in, I then offer solutions and steps to secure your network and protect your data.

Computer Diagnostic

Is the big chain store telling you it will be $35 to diagnose your PC? Then they come back and say they need to send it to a specialist and you get to pay for shipping both ways? Finally when it gets there, you find out that for cost to repair the machine plus all of the fees you could have bought a new PC? I only charge for Labor!


You can break what you have, but the rest of it's mine

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Interested in online payment, or are you looking to purchase a cleaning or hardware upgrade? Check out my online store over at
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