About Me


After work-hours, I like to spend my time woodworking. I really enjoy making furniture, especially from live-edge wood pieces. I made my dining room table, entertainment center, coffee tables, and countless other things I see around me as I type this from my couch. My wife and I recently purchased our first home. When I discovered there were 70-year old oak floors below the ugly carpet the previous owner laid over top, I was estatic! We also rescued a cute little Chihuahua-Dachshund mix named "Mocha". Whenever I had some free time I make sure to play around with her and some of her favorite toys. My wife and I love to travel as well! Our goal is to get to all 7 continents! Our most recent trip was to Reykjavik, Iceland (10/10 would recommend!!!)


I started my collegiate journey at Eastern Michigan University in the Fall of 2013. I had a great time in my undergrad! Between going to football games and hanging out with friends, there was always fun to be had. I graduated 3 years later in December 2016 with a B.S. Mathematics. I also concentrated on two business minors, Computer Information Systems and Management.
I began my Graduate work in May 2018 at Pennsylvannia State University on a M.S. Data Analytics with a Business Analytics concentration.

Work Experience

While in school, I maintained several jobs including working at Eastern's IT Help Desk, at a local flower shop, and even as a freelance web developer (I made this site too!!!). My first job in the big leagues was at my father's warehousing company The WHSE, LLC (I made that one too). I picked up many valuable skills at The WHSE, LLC. More importantly, I was exposed to working in the fast paced, high-stakes logistics industry. My career path at the time was to take over and run the family business full-time. I deeply enjoyed my time at the family business, and it was very difficult choice to leave, but I found my passion in the Data world. I have always been drawn to data and technology, combined with my passion for problem-solving, I decided to apply for a Data Analyst Internship at Quicken Loans. I learned a great deal during this intership, and was afforded the opportunity to hone in on my SQL and Business-Communication skills.