The WHSE, LLC. Website

The WHSE, LLC. Website

The WHSE, LLC. is a family run logistics company and one of the very first websites I had built. It is a mobile-first design and powered by a Django python framework on the backend.

The main purpose of this website is to provide visibility at a unique level. After speaking with the company president, we determined that the goal of this website was not to advertise and bring in business, but rather to provide clarity into the fine work that is done at The WHSE, LLC.

Location Location Location! Unfortunately, The WHSE, LLC. has been done zero favors in terms of their location. The business is tucked into an industrial complex with poor visibility and tight corners. Having a web presence that would allow truck drivers to easily enter the location into their GPS is crucial and has helped shipments arrive faster.

Along the same lines, the website needed to be mobile friendly as many drivers utilize Google Maps and Apple Maps on their phones. The website design is built on a Bootstrap 3 Framework with JQuery doing the heavy Javascript work. The backend of the website is powered by Django, an extremely powerful Python web-framework that is very easy to integrate with server side applications such as Nginx and Gunicorn.